Beginning in 2005 as a community initiative to help “at-risk” youth find safe spaces away from the streets, DollarBoyz has grown to become a more intentional movement toward youth economic empowerment and community uplift. DollarBoyz, a massive, multi-ethnic, youth managed, performing and media arts movement that attracts youth from all over the World. Creating a positive force for change, by exposing “hard to reach” youth to social development through entrepreneurship, the entertainment arts, and social gatherings. DollarBoyz’s goals are to inspire new business creation, academic achievement, economic development, service and paid work experiences using the participants’ various talents. We accomplish this through sharing ideas and resources in a diverse and civic manner through digital media and original music production, photography, dance, and marketing. Goal 1: Improve academic performance Goal 2: To reduce the number of school-aged dropouts Goal 3: Build self-confidence through exposure Goal 4: Develop stage presence through performance and entertainment Goal 5: Give youth an outlet to become entrepreneurs DOWNLOAD OUR FREE MOBILE APP AT www.DollarBoyzApp.com
OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP (FREE) ---> Must Have Official Members T-Shirt Every Month ---> Attend @DollarBoyz Hangouts (Monday's at Various Locations)  EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP ($250 PER MONTH) ---> Free T-Shirt Every Month ---> Performance Team Tryouts/Rehearsals (Twice Per Week) ---> Time Slot during our Monthly Dance Cypher Videos ---> Discounted Apparel, Merchandise, Services, Events, Trips, and CAMP ---> FREE Admission & VIP to DB Parties  FIRST CLASS MEMBERSHIP ($400 PER MONTH) "LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE" ---> All of the Above ---> Personal Extension on the DollarBoyz Hotline 1(888)326-9101 ---> upto 50% off of DB Apparel, Merchandise, Services, Events, Trips ---> Weekend Camp Fri-Sun, Twice Per Month Includes: (Activities, Food, and Transportation)  DOLLARBOYZ CAMP PHILADELPHIA (MEMBERS ONLY)"All Prices are in addition to your Membership Fees if any apply's" - $40 Round-Trip Transportation- $40.00 Movies and Dinner- $30.00 To Delivery DollarBoyz Apparel to your House "Please Note: Price vary based on Activity (Arcade, Amusement Park, Private Events, Bowling, ETC.) Check the Calendar on our FREE Mobile App ( Download it at www.DollarBoyzApp.com) under the "MEMBERS" Section for Details. ________________________________________________________________________________________  Please understand your membership level determines your involvement with DB. Any and all opportunities from; discounts, traveling, performances, employment, etc., are determined based on your membership level, and ranking. Membership Dues are due on the first (1st) of each month, failure to make timely payments will result in termination of your membership, therefore resulting in the immediate downgrade to the Official Level of Membership, therefore forfeiting your grandfathered rate and benefits, as they are subjected to change. Dues are automatically collected from your credit card each month when paying online. 
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! JOIN OUR MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS TEAM ! We will need your Username and Password to your Social Media accounts, so we can schedule auto tweets & retweets from your account. Understand we will not access your account for any other reason than what's listed above. Your account will not be in any harm. However if you do-not feel comfortable providing us this information it is 100% ok. Your decision will not effect your DollarBoyz Membership in either way.

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